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Coat of Arms of Belarus
Waisai, - The national emblem of Belarus, which replaced the historic Pahonia arms in a 1995 referendum, features a ribbon in the colours of the national flag, a map of Belarus, wheat ears and a red star. It is sometimes referred to as the coat of arms of Belarus, although this is incorrect due to the lack of several heraldic elements. The emblem is an allusion to one that was used by the Byelorussian SSR, designed by Ivan Dubasov in 1950, with the biggest change being a replacement of the hammer and sickle with an outline map of Belarus. Emblems reminiscent of the times of the Soviet Union are also used in Macedonia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the region of Transnistria.
The Belarusian name is Дзяржаўны герб Рэспублікі Беларусь, Dziaržaŭny herb Respubliki Biełaruś, and the name in Russian is Государственный герб Республики Беларусь, Gosudarstvennyĭ gerb Respubliki Belarusʹ.
In 2012 the emblem has been modified.
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