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Kuwait Airways Logo
Waisai, 999-logo.blogspot.com - Kuwait Airways (Arabicالخطوط الجوية الكويتية‎, Al-Khutout Al-Jawwiya Al-Kuwaitiyah) is the national airline of Kuwait, with its head office on the grounds of Kuwait International AirportAl Farwaniyah Governorate. It operates scheduled international services throughout the Middle East, to the Indian subcontinent, Europe, Southeast Asia and North America, from its main base at Kuwait International Airport. Kuwait Airways is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organization.
The carrier traces its history back to 1953, when Kuwait National Airways was formed by a group of Kuwaiti businessmen; initially, the government took a 50% interest. That year, a five-year management contract was signed with British International Airlines (BIA), a BOAC subsidiary in Kuwait that operated charter flights and provided maintenance services. Two Dakotas were bought, and operations started on 16 March 1954. The carrier transported 8,966 passengers in its first year of operations. In July 1955, the name Kuwait Airways was adopted. In May 1958, a new contract for management and operation was signed, directly with BOAC this time. BIA was taken over by Kuwait Airways in April 1959.
9K-AME Kuwait Airways Airbus A300B4-605R - cn 721 ( planespotters.net)

Source : Wikipedia, vectorise.net
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